I’ve resolved to try much harder with blogging this year and set myself a challenge of once again attempting to make something each week using the Internet to aid me in my quest. I thought maybe having a go at my own versions of some of the fabulous ideas I’ve collected through Pinterest, coupled with a snazzy random tutorial generator would be a good place to start……. So here goes……..:)

Crochet edged bunting - A must have for the Bully Bus!!!!!!

Crochet edged bunting – A must have for the Bully Bus!!!!!!

For a while now I’ve been collecting vintage handkerchiefs and embroidered linen tablecloths with a view to making some bunting for assorted ‘glamping’ trips planned in the near future. I love the idea of adding a crocheted edging as something a bit different from the norm and there’s loads of photo examples of this popping up on Pinterest all the time – on bunting, pillowcases, tea-towels etc. So today I sat down and decided to have a go for myself after spotting a link to this blog post in my daily pinspired newsfeed.

However, I did decide to adapt the idea a bit and rather than use pierced paper I plumped for working with a stitched heart stuffed full of dried lavender.

Memories of last summer captured in a scented sachet.

Memories of last summer captured in a scented sachet.

I’d fastened it together with a basic blanket stitch ; The perfect base to add some crochet to, and armed with a fine mercerised cotton and a 1mm crochet hook I worked around the edge with a simple scallop design using double crochet.

I really didn't like the look of it at this stage!!!!

I really didn’t like the look of it at this stage!!!!

Although it was a fairly straightforward task to complete I really wasn’t happy with the overall look of the end product – It looked like something you’d pick up in the local Cath Kidston store – And I’m not a fan of mass produced goods that have been made in China at the best of times!!!!!

Still, this was only a practice run in preparation for the bunting that I plan to make in a few weeks time…….. I added beads and then felt a bit happier……

I think I can just about live with it now ;)

I think I can just about live with it now 😉

I’m going to hang this on one of my crochet covered coathangers in the camper van wardrobe – Not my favourite make in the whole world but as a trial run for adding a crocheted edge to something it’s worked out quite well 😉

Maybe I need to hurry up with making the actual bunting itself and then have another go – Plenty of time for further experimenting I guess…………..

Until next week – Happy Crafting Folks!!!!! :0)

  1. KerryCan says:

    I’ve set myself a similar challenge for this year–to do things “I’ve been meaning to do.” I hope we both stick to our resolutions! And I think your sachets are charming!

    • Oooooh! Thank you! The sachet’s definitely growing on me now – It’s just been a while since I used so much pink in one project, lol 😉 Good luck with that list of ‘Things I’ve Been Meaning To Do’ – Mine just gets longer and longer every day. xx

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