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Tied up in knots!

Posted: January 24, 2014 in The Garage
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A rather quick post this week, with something equally speedy to make as the main subject……..

I decided to have a go at finding something on the random tutorial generator to inspire me after drawing a blank with much of the Pinterest feed I’ve seen over the last few days – There’s an awful lot of glitter inspired pinspiration around at the moment……. the bullies of the bus would have a field day; I don’t fancy chasing round the house wiping up sparkling pawmarks from every surface possible and the thought of what might happen with a careless swish of their ever wagging tails fills me with dread. They love ‘helping’ just a little too much!

Biff of the Bully Bus - If he can't resist burying his head in a craftbox full of feathers, what hope would there be for me with a pot of glitter?

Biff of the Bully Bus – If he can’t resist burying his head in a craftbox full of feathers, what hope would there be for me with a pot of glitter?

So I hit the button here…….. and then I hit it again a few more times until something caught my eye 😉

My eyes finally came to rest here:

Perfect! I have plenty of beads and waxed cotton cord stashed away – As I’ve kept on with occasional bracelet production since that first tentative dip into making macrame jewellery many moons ago……

And I needed a new keyring for the million and one padlocks currently keeping assorted gardening tools safe inside the allotment shed…….

So, a quick dip in the bead box turned up the perfect handful of subtly glowing ‘miracle’ beads – Seven in total, just right to make a little rainbow to carry around in my pocket 😉

Perfect! Just need to find that elusive pot of gold now!

Perfect! Just need to find that elusive pot of gold now!

No glitter was harmed during this week’s make – Good Result! And as well as it being a great little crafting activity to do with kids I am happy to report it can be carried out equally well in the company of slightly crazy English Bull Terriers. Happy Days!

The world and his wife seem to be going crazy for Shamballa bracelets; I kind of don’t get it. But, I do get loads of people asking me if I can make them, to which the answer is usually……, NO!

Shamballa Bracelet by

This week, due to the high number of requests that seemingly will not cease, and the fact that it’s coming up to festival season where they’ll probably fit in quite nicely with everything else I stock on the trade stand, I have finally decided to bow to the pressure and make macrame bead bracelets the subject of my crafting adventures.

First, to understand why people are going crazy for them….

Shops don't sell bracelets; Rapper's do!

Shamballa is apparently some hidden kingdom that’s been mentioned in lots of ancient Buddhist texts; It’s a place of peace, tranquility and happiness. Shamballa is also one of the bodie’s chakras and is located in the heart of all living beings. Apparently, the current craze for Shamballa bracelets and necklaces was brought about by the fact that assorted rap and hip hop artists have taken to wearing them because of their deep and hidden meanings and healing properties. This, in turn, has resulted in assorted celebrity names also jumping on the bandwagon; The likes of Jay Z & Beyonce, Michael Jordan and Heidi Klum have all been spotted sporting their Shamballa goodies and their fans have followed the ‘trend’. It’s pretty much like going back to the eighties with the Beastie Boys and everyone stealing VW badges all over again! Now that I can understand……… 😉

Shamballa - The symbol of peace, tranquility and happiness - Gulp! ;0)

Here’s a great tutorial that shows you how to make a macrame bead bracelet for yourself:

Half way there - About 15 mins work.

And here’s mine using waxed cord and metallic effect berry beads.

Macrame Berry Bead Bracelet by The Big Blue Bully Bus

Dead easy to make and very quick to complete! Why not have a go for yourself and join in with the crafting fun?

Next week sees the final part of my adventures in jewellery making – with me getting all excited by Indian bead loom bracelets and beyond. Until then, Happy crafting!