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So it’s the second instalment of my weekly dip into all things Pinterest & tutorialwise and this week I fell in love with a batch of heart themed goodies………..

This bunting design won hands down for me!

This bunting design won hands down for me!

There’s oodles of stuff dedicated to Valentine’s Day at the moment but the outright winner for catching my eye and making me want to pick up a crochet hook and get started straight away was this marvellous bunting tutorial from Jam Made Studio – You can find the instructions here:

I’ve decided that I’ve GOT to have some for my shed………. and then maybe a little span in the camper van might look quite nice………… Son 2 mentioned that he might want some to present to his girlfriend as a Valentine’s gift…….. the possibilities for creating string after string may well be endless!

So I’ve made a start; Should keep me quiet for a bit………I’ve chosen shades of brown and grey for the shed and sorted out an appropriate colour palette of yarns to complement the bus interior. Son 2 will be consulted shortly as to what his requirements may be……. Yes! I think I may be very quiet for a day or so ๐Ÿ˜‰

The first pennant for the shed is in the bag - Just another five or six to make and the job's a good 'un!

The first pennant for the shed is in the bag – Just another five or six to make and the job’s a good ‘un!

Oh well! Time to start working on another pennant – Bunting won’t make itself I suppose…….

Happy Crafting Folks!!!!

Well! I’ve had the week from hell as regards keeping hale and hearty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ A bad head cold has meant that my asthma has kicked in, just in time to endure a bout of cold weather and lots of mould and fungal spores hanging around in the atmosphere! So, lots of rest, steroids and apoplectic coughing fits, with not a lot getting done as regards assorted bits of work in progress…. But, it’s a new month and a new theme…… and life goes on. It’s officially ‘Movember’; A time when men around the world do their bit to raise funds and awareness in the fight against testicular cancer. Our household is no exception. Mr Other Half is already sporting an upper lip rug which promises potential for magnificence in the weeks to come!

My man’s ‘mo’; Already quite impressive but maybe he’s taking things a bit too far by insisting that we refer to him throughout the month of Movember by his porn star name, ‘Butch Waters’, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m toying with the idea of creating an appropriate piece of moustache themed jewellery for myself, Son 2 is starting to grow his lip thatch tomorrow (Movember the fifth) and we’re still trying to convince Son 1 to come on board with the rest of us….. even the bullies of the bus have had little moustaches crocheted by my good self – But how on earth we get them to wear them so we can obtain photographic evidence is a little conundrum we still have to work on though……… ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll keep you updated on our progress….

To join in yourself, register or make a donation, please visit the following link for more information:ย

But back to business…… Movember also sees the start of my penultimate theme for my ’52 Crafts in 52 Weeks’ challenge – ‘Gifts’. Here’s a simple little idea to get us on our way……….. and something that can be created quickly and easily without breaking the bank!

When the temperature has dropped, and you’re coughing and spluttering, making something to keep things cozy is always a great option!

I love this little mug cozy idea; It’s really easy to make and the fact that it has an integral ‘coaster’ built in to the design really appeals to me.

You can find the easy to follow instructions here:ย

I think that a nice mug, with a coordinating cozy and possibly some tea bags or hot chocolate making kit secreted inside would make a lovely little gift for someone special in your life. Maybe add a few carefully wrapped homemade cookies in to the mix as an added bonus and you’ve created something that’ll be very much appreciated by the recipient for numerous times to come ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m going to make myself a hot drink and have a bit of a rest now – too much coughing and spluttering is giving me a headache and I need to get fit and well so that I can finish that mounting pile of WIP’s!!!!!

Happy crafting folks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This month’s theme is ‘Fibre’ and there’s some brilliant resources and inspiration out there on the internet to help you create a real feast for the eyes, whether you’re an avid knitter, crocheter, needle felter, weaver etc.

Here’s a few links to my absolute favourite make of the moment – the completely mental fish hat:

Crocheted fish hats – Cool Catch of the Day!

A really easy to use crochet pattern for these amazing fish hats can be found atย

Angel’s Chest advises that you can use the pattern to make and sell these funky fish locally at craft fairs etc but requests that you refrain from selling them online; A very fair ask for the opportunity to use such a well written and comprehensive set of instructions with pretty much step by step pictures to help you along the way. I love it!!!!!!!!

Crochet fish hat in eye popping neon brights.

In fairness the fish hat has been around for a while though – It’s not really a new idea. The original version appeared on ‘Knitty’, way back in the mists of time (2008 to be precise)…ย

And now there’s even a dedicated website complete with further links to assorted patterns and ideas for creating a whole ocean full of different versions, including instructions for folks with knitting machines…

It’s another Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK – Obviously it’s going to pour it down for the duration……. If you’re sat twiddling your fingers looking for something to do why not have a go at making a fish hat for yourself ?…………and join in with the festival fun ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s the time of year I kind of like the most…….. the annual VW show that’s right on our doorstep; Leeds VW Festival at Harewood House – just six miles away from home.

Billy the Bulli and Vince Bully Bus have both been prepped; Ale has been purchased in sinful amounts and nibbles are ready to be consumed by the countless friends that pop by to say, ‘HELLO!’ Come what may, we’ll be setting up camp tomorrow afternoon and hopefully updating the blog over the weekend at regular intervals……. fingers crossed……

The weather forecast says that there might be rain over the weekend – it’s been kind of a tradition with LVW Fest over the last seven years…… But this is the first time it’s scheduled to run as a full weekend event though. I hope there’s no mud! Regardless, I think it’ll be a good weekend at Camp Big Blue whether the sun shines or not……. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Will there be evidence of fibre related goodies? You bet yer life there will! Lots of hand knitted and crocheted daftness, plus some rather gorgeous vintage glamping essentials and a few tea trolleys added in for good measure……. and that’s just in our tent ๐Ÿ˜‰

A sneaky peek?

Festival Owl Hat: Pattern courtesy of the very talented mamachee on Etsy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Owls are a bit of a Leeds thing; They’re also set to be the uber cool theme in accessories (Again!!!!!) this Autumn.

You know what they say………. Get ahead; Get a hat!

And I know of a nice little trade tent in the heart of Yorkshire where they’ll sort you out just right…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check out the website:ย

or come and say ‘Hello’ at Camp Big Blue ; You’ll be very welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

The doctor says I can craft again just as long as I take things easy – no sitting for hours on end crocheting little whimsies or working my way through miles of embroidery floss to stitch assorted treasures is allowed at the moment ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ho Hum! And I’ve resolved to follow his advice and work for twenty minutes at a time, little and often as a result…… I now seem to have plenty of spare time on my hands!

Frothy spires of Astilbe against Hydrangeas – Everything in the garden is PINK!

So today I spent a few hours in the garden, initially with the intention of helping Mr Other Half with some essential maintenance of his ratty bus – Billy the Bulli. He’s a splitscreen bus that left the factory in Germany on the same day that Mr OH was born – October 11th, 1963; Spookily, he also entered the UK on October 11th a few years ago when we imported him over from Seattle – coincidences like this make us think that he was obviously fated to be in our lives from the day he was first created ๐Ÿ˜‰

Billy the Bulli being lovingly tended by Mr Other Half – A constant labour of love!

Today was spent pulling out the engine in order to replace the flywheel seal and gland nut in the clutch before installing a new petrol tank and filter – essential jobs that needed to be addressed sooner rather than later as he’s been suffering from van flu for a good while now.

Apparently the gold coating is a good sign – To be fair I don’t know why though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happily, he’s now sorted again for the present time and we even had a few moments spare to adjust the handbrake on Vince, my flower covered T25 ย – ANOTHER job on an endless list of things to do …….

Anywhoo, van flu sorted I turned my attentions to the garden which looks glorious after the incredible drenching it’s sustained over the last few months! Everything is in bloom, the bees are buzzing happily amongst the myriad flowers and there’s an awful lot of pink outside Bully Bus HQ! It looks lovely – so I decided to cut a few blooms to take inside the house too….

Fresh cut flowers from the garden – A cheery sight ๐Ÿ™‚

Aren’t they gorgeous? Mother Nature sure does a great job of providing us with plenty of inspiration – I intend to use this colour pallette in some of my future makes to remind me of a productive day spent in the great outdoors…… albeit a few hours in a flower filled garden in one of the many leafy suburbs of Leeds!

And the results of my little and often bouts of crafting for today? Snatched moments here and there spent crocheting a cute mascot for Billy’s dashboard – from a great little ninja pattern courtesy of Christen Haden.

Amigurumi Ninja – Pattern available in ‘Creepy Cute Crochet’ ISBN: 978-1-59474-232-3

In truth, my wrist hurts like hell again – so maybe the road to recovery isn’t quite within my sights just yet…….. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Never mind – a few more days spent relaxing in the garden and enjoying the sunshine might be just the ticket………. We shall see!

It’s been a better week; No more bad news at any rate!

Recent events mean that I’ve been put back a little bit with projects that I’ve been working on, so over the last couple of days I’ve had to get my head down and do some serious catching up.

And with the weather continuing to be fairly vile I’ve also decided that it’s probably not a good idea to take myself off somewhere in the camper van. So, for the moment, I’ve put my gastronomic travel plans on hold until the torrential rain decides to stop – apparently the weather forecast predicts at least another week before the sun puts in an appearance and we finally start to dry out! What a pain ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I have still been busy cooking up my own little storm though – so I thought I’d share some of my recent makes for this week’s blog….

Cute, crocheted, calorie-free cupcakes.

I’ve been making these delightful little treats for a while now –ย They’re very easy to make if you can crochet, and I like the fact that you can let your imagination run riot when it comes to the myriad ways of ‘decorating’ them.

Easier than it looks!

Here’s a very basic pattern to get you started (please note that it does not include details for creating the toppings, fluted edging etc):

Round 1: Use the magic ring method to form a loop, working 6 dc into the centre of the ring (6 sts). Join with a sl st to the first dc. Make 1 ch.

Round 2: 2 dc in every stitch (12 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 3: (1 dc, 2dc in next st) six times (18 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 4: (1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc in next st) six times (24 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 5: (1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc in next st six times (30 sts), join, 1 ch.

Rounds 6-7: 1 dc in every st (30 sts), join, 1 c.

Round 8: (1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 2 dc in next st) six times (36 sts), join, 1 ch.

Rounds 9-11: 1 dc in every st (36 sts), join with a sl st to first dc, 1 ch.

Round 12: (1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, dc2tog) six times (30 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 13: 1 dc in every st (30 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 14: (1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, dc2tog) six times (24 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 15-18: 1 dc in every st (24 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 19: Work in back loops only – (1 dc, 1 dc, dc2tog) six times (18 sts), join, 1 ch.

Before continuing, trim off and tie in any loose ends. Stuff with a BS standard toy filling.

Round 20: (1 dc, dc2tog) six times (12 sts), join, 1 ch.

Round 21: (dc 2tog) six times (6 sts), join, 1 ch.

Cut the yarn leaving a 15 cm tail and pull the end through the stitch on the hook. Pull tight to fasten off. Thread the yarn end through a darning needle and gather up the final six stitches to close up the hole. Weave in loose ends.

Add toppings, beads sequins etc as desired…….

The finished item looking good enough to eat – Perfect to offer to the Vicar when he next comes for tea ๐Ÿ˜‰

They look great when arranged together on a vintage cake plate!

Crocheted cupcakes and knitted Battenburg – Yummy!

Next week sees the start of another month and a new theme – Sewing! I’ll be starting off with a simple, hand sewn item that you can use as either a keyring or bag charm. Until then, Happy Crafting!

There’s something very soothing and lovely about a nice cup of tea; Particularly one that’s made using a teapot and some proper loose leaf as opposed to a couple of teabags.

A good cup of Rosey Lee is one of my vices, and whether I’m at home or on the road, a teapot is an absolute necessity; That, and an accompanying cozy of course – as it helps to keep the pot warm and prolongs the whole tea guzzling experience just that little bit longer ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spotted this rather lovely example on the telly the other week……

How marvellous!

………And tracked it down as available to purchase from Debenhams; It looked like a must-have buy……….

However, on closer inspection I found that it’s part of a larger range of patriotic themed wares that go by the name of ‘Street Party’ and has been made to fit one particular teapot that’s shaped differently to mine. The label also reveals that it’s been made in China and imported in to the country – therefore not really flying the British flag and supporting the UK economy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was with a heavy heart that I kept my money in my pocket and walked away empty handed.

Never fear, thought I………I’ll make my own version – based on classic English design and using locally produced materials that boast bonafide British credentials.

So I dug out an old crafting pamphlet that had been produced in the seventies by a local company just up the road from me called ‘Robin’s’ (based in Guiseley, Leeds) and also selected a few balls of DK weight acrylic yarn made by Woolcraft (spun by Yorkshire craftsmen based over the valley in nearby Bradford). Game on!

21 classic knitting and crochet patterns using odd ounces of wool

The pattern I chose produces a fairly easy and quick to make piece of crochet – it’s pictured at the bottom of the front cover in a striped pink colourway with four matching egg cozies. I adapted it slightly to suit my own tension and also to fit my teapot properly; And I made further changes by choosing to continue the striped pattern from beginning to end, using just double crochet stitches throughout as opposed to a mix of double and half double stitches as indicated in the original pattern.

Quick to make and an easy to follow pattern using single crochet stitches.

The adapted pattern is as follows:
3 balls double knitting yarn in Red, White & Blue
3.75 mm crochet hook
Make two pieces:
With 3.75mm hook and Blue make 37 ch. Work 1 dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc into each ch to end, turn with 1 ch.
Work in dc to end, turn, break the Blue and join in White, 1 ch then work in dc to end, turn with 1 ch.
Work in dc to end. Turn, break White join in Red, 1 ch then work in dc to end, turn with 1 ch.
Work in dc to end, turn, break Red and join Blue, 1 ch then work in dc to end, turn with 1 ch.
Continue with striped patternย to 5 ins from beg.
Next row,ย working in dc, and continuing with striped pattern, dec 7 sts evenly over the next and each of the following 3 alternate rows.
Work 1 row. Take 2tog to end of row, fasten off.
Join both pieces together leaving openings for the handle and spout.
Press lightly on wrong side using a warm iron over a damp cloth.
PLEASE NOTE that permission has been granted to share this pattern and no copyright has been breached.

A BBBB design originally intended for use with a bead loom but also works well for cross stitch.

For a special finishing touch I used the Union Jack chart I published in ‘Adventures with an Indian Bead Loom‘ to create a small piece of cross stitch that I layered up with a few squares of felt and then hand stitched in place with a double edge of clear seed beads. And it’s all finished off with a coordinating pom pom (please see last week’s blog for instructions on how to make one).
I think it looks lovely! And a perfect fit for my teapot; a fine example of retro kitsch.
Must be time for a well deserved cuppa now…………
Next week sees my final delve into retro crafts before entering a new theme and a new month – time for a look at one more gadget methinks. Until then, Happy Crafting!