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Back in October I mentioned how I was inspired by Christine Evans’ ’52 crafts in 52 weeks’ project and what a fabulous idea it was. So much so that I’d decided to have a go myself by taking up her open invitation and joining in with the planned year 2 activities.

But Christine has since found out that she’s pregnant and has also undertaken a major upping of sticks which means that, for the moment, her crafting activities and subsequent blog are very much on the back burner.

Nevertheless, I’m still determined to have a go, so I’m picking up the baton and interpreting the planned themes in my own way with a mix of crafts both old and new.

Every week in 2012 I’ll be having a go at a different project which addresses a different theme each month and I aim to chronicle the whole experience right here. And it’d be great if others could join in too……

Please feel free to take part by undertaking either one, a couple, or all the weekly challenges; the more the merrier!

The focus themes for each month are:

January: Paper

February: Jewellery

March: Retro Crafts

April: Home

May: Sewing

June: Dyeing

July: Printing

August: Fibre

September: Embroidery

October: Making Memories

November: Gifts

December: Christmas

For the January theme of ‘Paper’ I’m planning to have a go at two crafts I’ve already had some experience with and two that are going to be completely new to me – a fair challenge to get things under way. So…….. in no particular order, I’ll be having a go at decoupage and origami, which I’ve dabbled with in the past, and quilling and parchment work, which will both be completely new to me.

If you’re planning on joining in you may want to choose your own crafts to fit in with the themes; the main objective is to broaden experiences, share ideas and support fellow crafters as we learn new skills and fine tune existing ones.

Can’t wait for January and the first week’s challenge now! Here’s to a happy 2012 folks!