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Sad times.

Posted: April 25, 2013 in The Garage

Quiet again aren’t I?

There are reasons 😦

Around this time last year you may remember that I lost a very close friend that was like a brother to me in sudden and unexpected circumstances; It was recently his memoriam and a time for reflection upon how this first year has passed without him in our lives. It’s been hard.

Harder still to keep in good spirits when I also knew that my auntie looked like she may have cancer for a third time and my brother in law, also blighted by this dreadful disease, was fighting a battle he knew he wasn’t going to win……..

On April 2nd my aunt went into hospital for a biopsy; Two weeks later it was confirmed that the cancer had indeed returned, in her lungs for a second time, and now also in her lymph system. On a visit to the oncologist this Monday to discuss her treatment it was revealed that her condition is terminal. We are all devastated.

My brother in law passed away peacefully yesterday morning after fighting hard for nearly two years.

And right now? I feel like my heart’s going to break.