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Well it’s finally 2014! And I hope that everyone had a very merry Yuletide break and managed to remain relatively unscathed by the excesses of alcohol and food that the season brings.

I must admit that it was a fairly quiet and cozy time at Bully Bus HQ spent mainly with Mr Other Half and the bullies of the bus. Plenty of time to eat far too much rich food whilst lazing in front of rubbish TV; A typical Christmas for us in many ways!!!! 😉

The latest jobs to do on Plot 29 were tackled with great gusto though – It’s now sporting a new fence, the shed has been moved and yet more digging is underway……….

Plot 29 on the final day of 2013.

Plot 29 on the final day of 2013.

But rather than run the risk of this turning into an allotment themed blog every time I decide to add a new post, I’ve resolved to create Plot 29’s very own space in the blogosphere – An online record of how it’s all shaped up since those keys were handed over at the end of October and hopefully an opportunity to share the successes and failures I have no doubt I’ll be coming up against as the growing season commences.

There’ll be no more mention of allotment related stuff here………. well, maybe an occasional hint at what’s going on from time to time……… and definitely a link to the new blog once it’s all up and running, lol, but other than that my lips are sealed :0)

It’s back to a bit of a weekly crafting challenge on here – With the aid of a little Pinspiration and an occasional dip in to a random tutorial generator.

You can view it here: It’s highly addictive!!!!!!

I’m off in to Leeds to brave the sales queues and grab some essential crafting supplies to get me started; Have a great day folks!!!!!!