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Well, The temperature has fallen…….. and so has my Mum! Thankfully, she’s managed to come away fairly unscathed with just a few bruises and a swollen knee but it’s a worry to say the least – and even more so when a reprimand for deciding to brave the severe elements alone rather than ask for help seemingly goes unheeded. What do we do with her? And when will she slow down? I fret about her more than the kids!

Anyway, snow, ice and tumbling elderly parents aside, I have been fairly busy once more. No more tapestry stitching for the moment but a nice little batch of my stacked felt hearts is currently underway……

Stacked Felt Hearts - Rich, Deep Colours To Raise The Temperature And Inflame Your Passion ;)......

Stacked Felt Hearts – Rich, Deep Colours To Raise The Temperature And Inflame Your Passion ;)……

The ones pictured above have all been made into little brooches with the simple addition of a pin back to them; The next batch will be made into keyrings –  just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I could make these ALL day!

I could make these ALL day!

And there’s been more time spent at the whizzy new sewing machine honing my skills with free motion embroidery……

The bare bones of a flower corsage.

The bare bones of a flower corsage.






I can’t decide which of these flowers I like the most. These particular ones are destined to end up as corsage brooches but I’ve already come up with ideas to use them for a few Mother’s Day Gifts too………… more of that in future posts no doubt 😉

Here’s a sneaky peek at a finished brooch………

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Do you recognise the basic flower shape? It’s the same one I used last year in my hand stitched keyring tutorial – Just a different use of fabrics and the basic methods of putting them together, a tweek on the actual finishing  and the addition of some embellishments; It gives a completely different look to the finished work.

Wonky lines AND frayed edges; I’m adapting rather nicely to this way of doing things 😉

Right! Time to make a quick phonecall to check on that errant mother of mine and see if she needs anything before I get back to the machine and finish those flowers. Busy, busy, BUSY – Must dash!