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It’s another new month – And making memories is the theme throughout October.

In an effort to address this I’ve had my head down for the past week or so and have been working flat out to complete a piece of work in preparation for the imminent arrival of a new baby. My aim has been to make a special gift that will hopefully become a cherished item for many years to come – my attempt at making a modern heirloom I guess……..

It’s been a joy to make but an absolute nightmare to photograph – a labour of love either way you choose to look at it.

And the fruits of my labour……

How on earth do you photograph such a creation to show it to it’s best advantage?

A circular receiving blanket – Hand crocheted with lots of love and care. Here’s hoping it generates lots of happy memories for years to come…. 😉

So many teeny tiny stitches!

Every day it grew bigger and bigger!

Ivory white and ultra soft and snuggly 🙂

All the time I was working on it it reminded me of something that I did many moons ago……. it took me back to my first attempt at knitting in the round back in 1989….. to a time when I sat down and made a similar item for my second child. Lots of happy memories but not really the sort of thing I’d advise you to attempt the very first time you start knitting with four needles simultaneously, as needless to say it was a bit of an ambitious task that took way longer to finish than this current crocheted confection! But weirdly enough, I think I’ve enjoyed making this so much that I kind of want to start another ‘baby’ project – maybe something that uses up my ever growing stash of yarn left over from other stuff……

Think I’ll have to have a good look here and find my next little labour:

Happy crafting folks! 🙂