Jumping through Hoops

Posted: January 12, 2013 in The Garage
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The weather forecast has predicted that we’ll have snow! Perfect for turning the heating up, snuggling on the sofa with the bullies of the bus and carrying on with my latest projects……

Firstly, there’s the matter of finishing off three embroidery hoop pictures I’ve been working on to hang in our recently decorated hallway, stairs and first floor landing. Here’s a sneaky peek at one that’s very nearly completed……

Balancing the scales -  Astrological cross stitch embroidery hoop.

Balancing the scales – Astrological cross stitch embroidery hoop.

My plan is to have three separate astrological hangings to represent the various star signs of the Bully Bus crew – So that’s two Aquarians (but only one embroidery), a Libran and a Leo. All three pieces are currently in varying stages of completion but with the above work it’s finally getting to the exciting bit as I’m nearly ready to add highlights with some sparkling gold thread – They’re all going to look stunning in their final hanging position I’m sure……. 😉

And just to have a break from proceedings from time to time, particularly when my eyes are tired, I’ve also been working on this…..

Recognise this? I've changed the colours to fit in with my living room decor. Any ideas?

Recognise this? I’ve changed the colours to fit in with my living room decor. Any ideas?

You might recognise this design from a previous post I made in 2012 – I’ve made a few changes to the colours I’m using so it fits in better with my existing living room decor. Can you guess what it is I wonder………..? Don’t worry! I’ll reveal a little more in my next post if you’re not sure 😉

Definitely time to turn the radiators up full and try and add a few more stitches now……. Happy Crafting Folks!

  1. evelynnross says:

    I am impressed with anyone who can cross-stitch on the dark blue fabric. I started a project about five years ago on color, and by the time I was done with a third of it, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I felt like I was going blind. haha
    Yours looks great! You make me want to put my crochet away and start my cross-stitching again. 🙂

    • I know what you mean about feelings of blindness! It’s actually worked on black Aida and every so often I have to put it down and do a bit of tapestry instead. The ‘big’ holes are a welcome break 😉

      • evelynnross says:

        Oh wow.. black! Eep! My mother in-law suggested to put a white towel on your lap while you are cross-stitching on the dark material, but unless you have a high count, it won’t do you any good because you can’t see anything through it! 🙂
        Enjoy your big holes! (That doesn’t sound too weird, right?) haha

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