Eleventh Hour Blog Posting – Saved by the Pud!

Posted: October 14, 2012 in The Garage
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I was tempted to take this week off and away from the blog – It’s been Mr Other Half’s birthday earlier on in the week and then the youngest bully of the bus decided to be stricken with a mystery illness……. I haven’t really spent much time crafting anything over the last few days as a result and really don’t have much to write about 😦

However, my eldest son made a request for a dessert that I used to make all the time when he was younger and I thought I’d share it with you quickly as part of my ‘Making Memories’ theme for October.

Basically, he asked if I could make a baked rice pudding for after the Sunday roast dinner – nice and thick with a sticky, nutmeg crusted top and a blob of homemade jam – just like I used to make ‘back in the day’. His wish was my command………

A treat for my eldest son – an old favourite from back in the day.

There’s lots of recipes available online if you want to try making this lovely old fashioned pud for yourself. And with the nights drawing in and a nip in the air it’s just the ticket for warming you through whilst dreaming of days gone by. Lovely!

Hopefully I’ll be back on track with a new crafting adventure next week – I think I might just have another serving of pud first though……. See you soon 🙂


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