Soup at the Sculpture Park.

Posted: April 14, 2012 in The Garage
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I’m in danger of transforming in to a Domestic Goddess – It’s true!

The Easter break has seen me chained to the kitchen stove in an effort to keep up with demands for sickly sweet, chocolate laden desserts and snacks. I’ve done very well in coping with it all if I’m honest but I did have to draw the line and decline quite firmly a request for deep fried Cadbury’s Creme Eggs! Some depths of depravity even I can’t stoop to…….. And just because Nigella Lawson makes them doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right you know 😉

Here’s a link to the recipe I was presented with:

Do let me know the outcome if you decide to try this – I’d love to know the results.

This is the sort of thing that I was much more willing to attempt …..

Triple chocolate muffins with a miniature Cadbury's Creme Egg centre all ready to pop in the oven!

Not really the best thing to serve up for an Easter Sunday breakfast in bed - still........quite nice with a good cuppa!

In fairness, the weather has also kept me inside; It’s been suitably vile!  Howling winds, snow, driving rain and a 20 degree dip in temperature since our outing to Sandsend.

But Easter is a Bank Holiday; Appalling weather on a national day off work has become par for the course. It’s an English tradition that it’ll piddle it down; We’ve all grown to expect it and I don’t think anyone in the UK has been disappointed this week!

That’s another nice thing about a camper van……. if it’s raining you’ve got a comfy retreat away from the elements. Life can pretty much carry on regardless…….

So with that in mind I decided to unchain the shackles and take the ‘home away from home’ to another local destination……. to do some more cooking!

This week I was feeling a bit cocky and asked people on my Facebook fan page to choose somewhere for me to go. A bit risky as I anticipated more than a few rude suggestions. Turns out that I’m not the only one sporting an angelic halo though, as the response was quite positive and my designated destination was an old favourite for me……. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Just 23 miles and 32 minutes away.

Easter Bunny?

Hare Sculpture by Sophie Ryder

I always want to eat soup when I go to the YSP! I think it probably stems back to the first time I went there when a lengthy trip around the grounds ended with the indulgent treat of a steaming bowl of delicious Broccolli & Stilton with lots of crusty bread to dip into it.

Here’s my favourite soup recipe of the moment – really easy to make in the camper van as it’s quick to cook and uses baked potatoes that we invariably have left over after the BBQ from the night before 😉

The Big Blue Bully Bus’ Baked Potato Soup (Serves 2)


  • 4 slices of Bacon (Miss this out if you’re a vegetarian – It’s really only used as garnish at the end)
  • 50 g Butter
  • 30 g all-purpose Flour
  • 555 ml Milk
  • 1-1/4 Large Baked Potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 1-1/4 Spring Onions, chopped
  • 45 g shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 75 g Sour Cream
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Roughly chop the bacon into small pieces and fry until crispy – set aside.
  2. In a large saucepan, melt the butter – being very careful not to burn it. Whisk in the flour until smooth. Gradually stir in the milk, whisking constantly until thickened. Stir in the potatoes and most of the onions. Bring to the boil, stirring frequently.
  3. Reduce heat, and simmer for 10 minutes. Mix in the cheese, sour cream, salt, and pepper. Continue cooking, stirring frequently, until the cheese is melted.
  4. Place in some lovely retro style soup bowls and sprinkle the remaining onions and crispy bacon pieces on top to garnish. You might also want to add a few croutons and a little more grated cheese for extra indulgence and added heartiness.

Very Nice! I would have included pictures but my batteries ran out in the camera – never mind though. I’ll have it fully charged up ready for next week’s trip out! Wonder where I’ll end up next…………?

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Ive recently been over in Cheltenham and they have Sophie Ryder animals in the town center. Ive been meaning to blog about them as they look great sitting there in the middle of the shops. Very interested to see her work at the sculpture park – thanks. Soup sounds good too!

    • My camera batteries ran out so I couldn’t really take my usual 101 piccies of everything that caught my eye! I’d highly recommend a visit to the YSP if you get up this way any time soon though – besides some permanent fixtures they regularly change the exhibits – so there’s always something new to see 😉

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