As if I’m not busy enough!

Posted: October 31, 2011 in The Garage

Do you know how it is when every so often you see something and think to yourself  ‘What a brilliant idea, why didn’t I come up with that?’ No? Well every once in a while that happens to me; I spot something that really sparks my imagination and off I go……..

So what have I spotted you may ask yourself.

Basically it was this:

A little snippet in UK Handmade which has now set me thinking……….

So I’ve decided I’m going to set myself the task of a little craft project each week next year which I’ll document through this blog and also on my Facebook fan pages. It’ll be an opportunity for me to have a go at some new things and learn new skills as well as re-visit some old favourites. And it might also inspire a few more people to have a go at making things for themselves if they can view the trials and tribulations that your average crafter goes through – because believe it or not, sometimes things aren’t perfect the first time round and you just have to learn from your mistakes and try again.

Why not have a go yourself? Follow the links above to start crafting right now or join me in January when my quest begins….. 😉





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